The future is bright, we have to wear shades.

Zo slecht was het jaar nog niet op anderhalve meter afstand met…. fijne dagen en happy new year!!

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Agree to disagree


Happy accidents



Simplisme voor gevorderden deel 92


Breaking news!!

Simplisme voor gevorderden deel 91

Why does the start of the new year carry such special symbolism? And why is its celebration so common around the world, as it has been for at least as long as there have been calendars? Behavior this ubiquitous must surely be tied to something intrinsic in the human animal, something profoundly meaningful and important, given all the energy and resources we invest not just in the celebration but also in our efforts to make good on a fresh set of resolutions, even though we mostly fail to keep them. It may be that the symbolism we attach to this moment is rooted in one of the most powerful motivations of all: our motivation to survive. (source: David Ropeik)

Have a safe transition to the new year 😉

To whomever