Background and Philosophy

My name is Dick Stolk. I’m interested in people and what motivates them, and my main task is to listen. You probably want to know more about me, before we sit down and drink our first coffee.

I’m an Executive Business Coach, but the name contradicts my pragmatic approach and my dislike of fuss. I work with professionals, board members and teams that recognize their own patterns of behaviour and consistently hold on to these negative patterns despite being ready and willing to change.
For many years I was a managing director and board member, both nationally and internationally. This experience ensures that I’m familiar with what you come up against, and where you should peak and perform within force fields. Or where you should redefine – choosing new directions.

As the business world has become very short-sighted and transitory, a need arose to help people set new targets and objectives as well as regain sustainable energy. Sustainable because your (higher) purpose, plan or place you want to be, must be driving all your decisions. That is something that recurs every day, but truly has a lasting effect in the long term.
I will help you to get the best out of yourself. By listening to you and being a sparring partner, we will get to the core of the problem and what mind-set is limiting you. Ultimately, it concerns you, and what you do with it (or not). This means that I help you to identify your focus, goals and ideals. Then I accompany you for a longer period, not only to keep track of these goals and ideals but also to achieve more. You sign a contract with yourself while I protect you from pitfalls, negative patterns or limiting circumstances.

Clients say: “He is trustworthy, keeps everything above board, provides clear but simple insight, offers focus and balance, is a mentor, punctual, and stands for energy and success”.

Dick has proved to be an excellent coach and sparring partner for both professional teamleaders as well as senior managers. He combines a thorough knowledge of development techniques with an entrepreneurial mindset and personal senior management experience. Dick is a pleasure to work with.”

Dick Stolk works under the motto:

dick stolk coaching coach mediator executive coach teamcoach persoonlijke groei mentor

“The right people are the best asset a company has.”

“I want to help people get the best out of themselves.”

 “If I listen to you, I can get to know you, what you feel, how you think, and which mindset limits your personal development.”

Finally: “There is strength in unity, together you can face life’s challenges.”

Client base: ABN AMRO, ALD automotive, Any Change, Armada Music, Bestuursacademie, Boehringer Ingelheim, Boertien, CBS, Centocor, Choice, DaVinci Academie, Deloitte, Dsign Marking, gitp, ING, e-office, Erasmus MC, Essent, Friesland Bank, GGD Amsterdam, Gingermood, Guidion, Gemeente Westland, Heembouw, Kinki Kappers, KPN,Koninklijke Kentalis, Microsoft, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, NCDO, NIBC, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Oil, ODZOB, OMWB, Raad voor de rechtspraak, Rabobank, Randstad Nederland, Red Bull, Rijnboutt, RIVM, Royal Haskoning, SITA, Sioux, SRE, SSR, Stoas – CAH, Stork Food, Tetra Pak, The Firm Organisation, Tinnitus Academie, TNO, Travelex, Unilever, UWV, VU, Zwitserleven.



dick stolk coaching coach mediator executive coach teamcoach persoonlijke groei mentor

Not Producing the Results You Want or Need to Achieve?

Are you struggling with one of the following – perhaps similar – questions?

  • “How do I build a team out of these 12 strong individuals?”
  • “How do I increase our sales?”
  • “How do I bring our Customer Satisfaction to a higher level?”
  • “How do I bring back motivation after the latest re-organization?”
  • “How do I implement the Cultural Change we need to go through?”

Or, to summarize it, “How do I increase the impact of my teams and our activities?”

Clarity and Alignment Produce Results.

Teams and organizations which have clarity and alignment about what needs to be done have demonstrated over and over again their ability to be successful and achieve results. They have the competitive advantage, they hit their targets and they miss fewer opportunities.

If Your Teams Aren’t Consistently Performing, Then Why Not?

High-functioning teams are complex systems that must balance the needs of the individual against those of the team and organization. This isn’t easy to accomplish. Here are the most common roadblocks:

  • The lacks of a clear and compelling vision and purpose
  • Team members don’t hold each other accountable for their work
  • The team doesn’t appropriately share leadership
  • Team processes are ineffective or not well established
  • The team has too much, or too little autonomy
  • Individuals don’t feel they count

Could any of these be an issue in your organization?

Mindset + Action = Results.

To build high-impact teams that produce results time and time again, you need to systematically shift mindset and action, and not focus simply on the symptoms of poor performance.

We can offer a quick, powerful process for identifying old belief structures, creating a mindset focused on success and identifying what needs to be done to have success.

A solid, yearlong follow-up process supports the team in constantly focusing on the right mindset and actions that produce the results they want.


dick stolk coaching coach mediator executive coach teamcoach persoonlijke groei mentor

Do you recognise yourself in one of the following personal situations?

  • I do not have any balance in my life.
  • Works takes up all my time.
  • Busy, busy, busy!
  • I never really finish anything properly.
  • I am frequently tired, nothing makes sense.
  • I do not know exactly what I want.
  • I have the feeling that I am not making full use of my talents.
  • I allow things to happen in my life without taking charge of and would like to have a greater control.

Vitality coaching:

Accompaniment and recommendations to talented entrepreneurs, executive managers and the industry teams using a proved program in order to established:

  • clear priorities
  • motivation and energy
  • responsibility and discipline
  • a transparent process for desired results
  • greater vitality and balance between work and private life